The revived Thames Riverboat Cruise – 3 October 2015

didn’t really know what to expect, never done a music cruise before but when I saw the advert in the Cleethorpes’ programme it appealed to me. And it was a good move on my part.
I arrived early but soon others got there and we boarded the boat at 6.45. I grabbed a seat and dumped my bag, most headed straight for the bar. Quite a few people there that I knew, plenty I’d not seen before. But everyone seemed to enjoy the trip.

The music was very good, mainly 60s but some 70s too, e.g. She’s Gone, Heartaches And Pain, If You And I Had Never Met, danceable tunes. In his last set Ady played a few that reminded me of Sunday night at Cleethorpes, Sweet Darling, You’re Ready Now, that type of tune, party time.
Most people danced upstairs but I found that there was much more space in the downstairs lounge.
Probably should have taken more notice of the view to the Thames shore, but was too busy talking, etc. All of a sudden I noticed we were going back to the Temple.

The three DJs did a sterling job, plenty of well known tunes without being predictable, thanks Ady, Roger and Adam.

Some of the people I spoke to said it would be nice to do it again, perhaps an afternoon trip in the summer, don’t know if that is possible but can imagine how pleasant it would be listening to our music gliding down the Thames on a sunny day. Just a thought. I certainly think that this should be a regular occurrence.

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