Phoenix Got Soul – 19 September 2015

A great night of soul music at the Phoenix but sadly not that well supported, so many of the London crowd missing. And they missed superb music from the three DJs, Yann Vatiste, and guests John Weston and Irish Greg. The latter of course was a stalwart of the Capitol Soul Club and I noticed a few faces from those happy days.
Yann started off  the proceedings and was followed by John, both played fast Northern Soul records that would have probably induced a heart attack if I’d tried dancing to them. Most were not familiar to me so I hope all the DJs can post up their playlists. Greg followed and played slightly more medium tempo tunes, starting off with There’s Room For Me.
As slightly better known tunes were played the dance floor filled up. And I must add that the dance floor was really good, and so was the sound, it put many places to shame. Thoroughly enjoyed dancing to so many good records.
The night ended with Yann and John double decking and the last two records were Shirley Edwards’ Dream My Heart and Lee McKinney & The Magnetics’ I’ll Keep Holding On, which seems to be getting plenty of plays at the moment.
There was a hen party there and they seemed to enjoy the music, dancing a lot. I did feel tired about 2am but got my second wind before the finish. Too many great records to recall, but Girl From A Country Town, Deceived, Save The World, Beside Myself stick in my mind.
Thanks to Tony Smith for giving Alan H and myself a lift back to our respective north London boroughs. Well done to Yann and the DJs, and to Kym for her work on the door. If this night continues, and I really hope it does, I’d ask all soul people in the London area to support it, Northern Soul at its best.

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