100 Club Allnighter – 22 August 2015

Once again time to head down Oxford Street to the 100 Club, and it’s a hot night too, hope the air con is working. That was one of my thoughts as I approached the club. I think it was on but it was still very hot down there.

I got in at my usual time of 11.15, paid and picked up my tickets for the anniversary night and the boat trip, the latter should be nice, a new experience for me, soul on a boat.

As usual it was Ady on first, playing some medium tempo tunes I didn’t recognise. Then the first guest took over, Yann Vatiste, well known in London and beyond, and a 100 Club regular.

Butch followed, and got me dancing straight away. He’s about the only DJ who can get me dancing to tunes I don’t know, and I wasn’t familiar with his first two or three records. He played some of his better known classics, e.g. Arthur Willis and United Sounds, and delighted me when he played two of my current favourites back to back, Milton Wright’s Like A Rolling Stone and the Jax Transit Authority’s Life Is A Miracle.

Tomas was on next, starting with Celeste Hardy, one of my old favourites from the Dome days. He was followed by the other guest Nev, who hails, as far as I know, from the north east.

Then it was Ady for his second set, starting with the club favourite Can’t Shake It by Etta James. For this set he included quite a few of his current “biggies” like the Demures, September Jones’ Voodoo Mademoiselle, Nancy Wilcox’s He’ll Be Leaving You, Sharon Scott’s It’s Better, Paramount Four, plus new ones, at least to me, by Holly Maxwell and JJ Jackson.

For his second set Yann started with Betty Wilson’s I’m Yours, then included Joe Jama, Papa & The Bears, Constellations’ I Don’t Know About You, Camaros, and finished with Dream My Heart and This Time, Shirley Edwards and Ray Pollard respectively, Shrine label masterpieces.

In his second set Butch included well known tracks like Man Of My Word, Shake Cheri, Just Can’t Leave You, Look At You plus quite a few I was unfamiliar with.

The Ringleaders’ Baby What Has Happened was Tomas’s first one, then he followed with Betty Lloyd’s I’m Catching On, the Four Sonics’ Easier Said Than Done, Hard Road To Hoe, etc., and ended with The Time Is Right For Love.

Nev, for his second set, started with the Hamilton Movement, now that’s an old favourite. He also played the Scott Three, and one called I think Superman, don’t know who it is by.

Lucky Yann had a third set, starting with Buddy Smith’s When You Lose The One You Love, one I’d requested, a lovely beat ballad, he followed with another slowie, the Sweet’s Something For My Baby. And generally he kept the pace slow or medium tempo, but did play my other request for Pee Wee, Shucks & Huey, a real nighter record in my opinion.

At about 5.30 Ady started his final time on the decks, starting with Ray Pollard’s It’s A Sad Thing. Looking At You by Garnett Mimms and the 100 Club classic Maxine Brown’s Let Me Give You My Loving were included, Ady mentioned that Maxine had just hit 80, and was still singing. Finally it was close to 6am, Walter Jackson’s Uphill Climb (surely one of the best records ever made) and the Four Tops’ Baby I Need Your Loving ended the night. And while That’s What Mama Say played we gathered our bags, etc. and said farewell to our friends.

There were definitely more in than in July, and all seemed to be soul people, no obvious tourists. Many regulars, Charlie; Gary and Rolly; Eddie and Tabs; Cristina; Kym, Yann’s better half; Simsy and Kylee; and many more, sorry if I’ve not mentioned you. It did clear out a bit before the end, that is normal, but there was still a good number at the finish.

The dance floor was nice and slidey, didn’t get too sticky, although I did see some talc, that wasn’t necessary and I thought it was banned. Danced quite a bit, took it easy, but no doubt will suffer later.

So once again a good night, sorry to keep saying that each time I comment on the 100 Club, but it was true. Thanks to Ady, the DJs, and 100 Club staff.

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