100 Club Allnighter – 18 April 2015

I wasn’t one hundred per cent certain I’d be going to the 100 Club this time, I’d had back and leg pains but dosed myself up with Ibuprofen. I found out later that I wasn’t the only regular feeling a bit under the weather, Suzy wasn’t feeling too great, neither was Garry or Andy from Guernsey. We joked that Ady should have had an ambulance available for us. But we all attended and all stayed right through to the end of the night.

As usual I arrived at about 11.15. I was surprised to be “patted down” by a security guy at the entrance to the club, and he looked in my nighter bag, but fortunately didn’t pull everything out, perhaps the sight (or possibly the smell) of the shoes I change into for dancing put him off delving too deeply. I’m sure the discovery of my library book, towel, deodorant and spare shirt would have made his night. I’ve never experienced this before at the 100 Club, what’s it all about? Are they worried about people taking alcohol in to the club?

Keith was playing when I got down the stairs, think it was the Masquaders’ The Same Thing. He was followed by Joel Maslin, who opened his set with the Monitors’ Say You. A couple of us didn’t know it so I asked Joel, who added that it was a cheap record, that’s a change for me to ask about a record and find that I could afford it. Among the others he played in this set were I’ve Only Got Myself To Blame and Paulette’s Love You Baby.

Joel was followed by Butch, returning after a break due to Prestatyn in March. He opened his set with the record I’d requested, Milton Wright’s Like A Rolling Stone, he’d played it at Crewe. Thanks. In this set he included some of his biggies, Arthur Willis, Hopkins Brothers, United Sounds, but also another one from the Crewe set, The Man From Soul by a female group, and a version Get It Off My Conscience, plus his Vessie Simmons cover up. And some that were new to me.

By this time there was a reasonable number in, not quite as many as March I think but still a good turnout, some new faces I think. The dance floor was busy but you could still dance comfortably.

Matt Sneath, the guest DJ took over and played what I’d call a nighter set, starting with I Got Soul. I didn’t know most of the records he played, one I asked about was the Paramount Four’s You Don’t Know, I just couldn’t remember what it was. Matt brought a touch of Lifeline to the metropolis, he’s been a guest there. Although I wasn’t familiar with most of the records I enjoyed listening to new sounds.

Ady then took over to do his first set of the night starting off with Oh Baby Don’t You Weep by Luther Ingram, a favourite of the club. I remember dancing to Etta James’ Can’t Shake It, the Demures’ I Wanna Be Good To You, Nancy Wilcox’s He’ll Be Leaving You and Your Little Sister by the Marvellos. He played a few I didn’t know, I imagine they were acetates.

Back to Butch for his second set. During this one he did play some well known tunes, e.g. Man Of My Word, Flashback, Chuck Jackson cover up, Precisions, I Hurt On The Other Side, Four Dynamics, but quite a few that I either didn’t know the title or didn’t know at all. He finished his set with Satan, Let Me Sleep Tonight by Brenda Starr.

Then it was Joel again. He mixed up the sounds with well known ones like Eula Cooper’s Let Your Love Go Higher, Lost In A Crowd, etc., but plenty of lesser known tracks.

Third time for Keith then, again kept the floor moving with records like Job Opening, I Need Your Love by Clydene Jackson, You Didn’t Say A Word, Tell Me Baby and Ask My Heart, the latter I’d have danced to but heard while in the gents.

At about 5 am Matt started his second set and carried on with nighter records, again most I didn’t know but others certainly did because there were a fair few dancing. It had cleared out a bit by then.

For the last half hour it was Ady, as usual. Starting off with Make Up Your Mind by the San Francisco TKOs, it was mainly a medium paced set finally ending with Walter Jackson’s wonderful Uphill Climb, followed by I’ll Never Stop Loving You with the finale being of course Baby I Need Your Loving.

Time to leave then to the strains of Walter Jackson’s That’s What Mama Say; gather our coats and bags, say farewell to our friends and make our way home.

It did clear out from 3ish onwards, but at the end there were plenty still dancing, a tribute to the night. As usual good to see friends there. I hope Julie enjoyed her hen night. They were very restrained, didn’t know they were there.

I seem to say it each time but well done and thank you to Ady and the DJs, and to the staff of the club.

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