100 Club Allnighter – 11 July 2015

It was a hot one last night in the 100 Club, even with a slightly reduced crowd. And I’m not just referring to the temperature, the music was hot too.

A slightly different night, Butch was absent, guess he’s on his holidays, but the DJs present did an excellent job. Some of the regulars too were missing, some because of family commitments and at least two due to railway problems. There were slightly fewer in, but that did mean a bit more space on the dance floor so every cloud has a silver lining, although Ady may disagree. It was a hot night in London, and Oxford Street didn’t seem quite as busy as usual as I walked from Oxford Circus tube station.

I arrived at about 11.15; the guy on the door checked my bag for fluids, I suppose they don’t want anyone bringing their own drinks in. After sorting myself out and giving out the flyers I brought with me I felt I could relax. Ady was playing first but Keith Money took over at about 11.30; Make My Love A Hurting Thing by William Cummings was my first foray on to the dance floor. Shortly after Keith started his set Russ Vickers came through the door. He works abroad so his visits to the club are fairly rare, it was good to see him and have a chat.

About midnight the first guest, Andy Jones, took over after Keith finished with Another Sundown In Watts by the Exits. I’ve known Andy for years now, first via the MonuMental Soul monthly nights and latterly at Filthy Soul and the MonuMental weekenders. His first set was mainly mid tempo Crossover and some slower tunes. Thanks for playing The Same Old Feeling for me, nicely followed by Oh What A Feeling by Jimmy Ricks. I hope that Andy can post his playlist as quite a few of his first set were not known by me, yet the dance floor had action.

After about 30 minutes the second Andy took over. Andy Newman has been a regular at the 100 Club for years, albeit when he can get there from Guernsey. He hit us with solid Northern, enticed me on to the floor with tunes like Betty Lloyd’s I’m Catching On and Otis Lee’s Hard Road To Hoe. A fairly unusual play was a version of Purple Haze, the Jimi Hendrix song, presumably by Johnny Jones.

Joel Maslin, one of the regular DJs, followed and kept things busy on the dance floor. I particularly liked his last record, Steve Aldo’s You’re Absolutely Right. I had to ask what it was, I’d heard it before but never knew any more than that I liked it.

For his second set Ady included some of his Pied Piper tracks like Gamblers Blues and He’ll Be Leaving You, Etta James’ Just Can’t Shake It plus some classic oldies.

He was followed by Keith, nice mix including Ask My Heart, Job Opening, I Need Your Love

Then it was Andy Jones’ second set with an emphasis on Northern Soul; Stubborn Heart, Speed Up, you get the picture.

For his second set Andy Newman played more Northern, e.g. Choice Of Color’s Your Love, the Constellations I Don’t Know About You, Unique Blend’s I’m In Love With You, etc.

Again it was Joel next, playing tunes including Lost In A Crowd, Let Our Love Grow Higher and the instrumental version of Make My Love A Hurting Thing.

At this point I sat down, my legs had began to feel they’d had enough.

Keith replaced Joel at approximately 5am, playing some of his favourites like Sweet Memories, I’ll Be On My Way. But when he put on Yvonne Baker’s You Didn’t Say A Word my feet told me to get up and dance. It was followed by You Don’t Love Me by the Epitome Of Sound; these are two oldies I don’t tire of/

For the last 30 minutes Ady was on the decks as usual. A nice mixed set including the Avons’ When The Boy That You Love, Charlie Rich’s Don’t Tear Me Down, Sharon Scott’s It’s Better and ending with Annabelle Fox’s Lonely Girl, Carla Thomas’ I’ll Never Stop Loving You and Baby I Need Your Loving as usual.

It was certainly an across the board night musically in my opinion, with the dance floor busy, but with still room to move about. Nice to see plenty of my friends there. It looked as if people were enjoying themselves, the object of the night I guess. Well done to Ady and co.

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