100 Club All-nighter – 30 May 2015

It seemed a very long time since the last 6ts allnighter at the 100 Club but in fact it was only five weeks. Last night proved to be a packer, very busy with plenty of younger new faces, but it did begin to clear after 3am.

There were two guest DJs, Ady Lupton who did two sets, one at the start of the night and one at about 4.30ish, and Steve Woomble who did one set, about 3.45 I think, although to be honest I hardly looked at my watch all night.

Ady Croasdell had three of his regular stalwarts, Butch, Keith Money, Tomas McGrath, and himself of course.

Ady Lupton was doing his first set when I arrived at about 11.15, Keith took over after him and was followed by Butch doing an early set. He played some of his big tunes, Salvation, Mighty Lovers, Chuck Jackson c/u, Milton Wright, Frankie & The Daemons, Jax Transit Authority, Vessie Simmons c/u and others whose titles I don’t know. Of course the dance floor was now very busy.

Tomas followed on and started with the Ringleaders. His set continued filling the floor, then Keith followed him.

Ady C took over next. He started off with Because Of My Heart and Stop Leave My Heart Alone, then he played some of his current Pied Piper and other rarities. He’ll Be Leaving You and I Wanna Be Good To You kept me dancing. Among others he played were the Paramount Four and his new one the Mighty Whites, which has grown on me in the nicest possible way. He played a Holly Maxwell record whose title I didn’t catch, perhaps he’d be kind enough to post on here with the information?

Butch then did his second set mixing the better known with the lesser known, or at least lesser known to me. He included Flashback and I Hurt On The Other Side and It’s All Over (Baby). The floor had cleared a bit by then, and as usual became a little sticky.

Steve Woomble took over and started with Yes I’m In Love. He played a mix of Northern and Modern.

Keith then did his third set, a mix of some classics and some very nice medium tempo. He included one of my favourite beat ballads Little Anthony’s It’s Not The Same. That certainly revived my tired feet. As did Time Will Pass You By, still love that one.

About 5am Ady Lupton came on, started off with very uptempo records, My Prayer and Look Into My Heart for example but slowed it down a bit towards the end of his set with Fool Don’t Laugh and Isn’t It Just A Shame among others,

For the final thirty minutes it was Ady C as usual. Great to hear Kenny Carter’s What’s That On Your Finger. Then it was time for the last three tunes, I’ll Never Stop Loving You, I Have No Choice and of course Baby I Need Your Loving. Lights on, Walter Jackson playing and time to gather one’s self together and say farewell to friends and reflect on a most enjoyable night. I must have enjoyed it because I’d had to change my shirt, I got so hot.

As I said above quite a lot of newish people, some didn’t know the etiquette of no drinks on the dance floor but when the bouncer pointed this out they willingly complied.

Good to see the usual collection of 100 Club reprobates there, perhaps like me you regard it as your second home, a place I always feel at ease in. Thanks to Ben for the slice of chocolate gateau, that was very nice as I was feeling a bit peckish, happy birthday to you.

And a big thanks to Ady, the DJs and the staff or the club. No doubt see many of you at Cleethorpes.

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